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Gooseman Game Calls is a family owned and operated business. We have dedicated ourselves to producing quality, hand-crafted, and innovative products. We pride ourselves on being open minded and willing to learn new techniques to help make your adventures in the field prosperous ones.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the peoples' right to keep and bear arms. Gooseman Game Calls strongly believes in upholding this right and supporting and enriching the fellowship of hunting. We run our business under the guidance and support of God's loving care.

Gooseman Game Calls has been involved with several charities locally and nationally. Some of the charities that we work with on a regular basis are The Light Foundation, NRA, Ducks Unlimited, CNY WildFowlers, and Advanced Strategies. Links to those sites may be found by clicking on the Links tab at the top of the page.


We believe that encouraging youths to participate in outdoor sports enriches their lives. With this belief in mind, Gooseman Game Calls stays actively involved in youth hunts. *Due to the uniqueness and customization of each call, wood grain patterns on each call may vary slightly from the picture. Please rest assured that our customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we would not send out a call that we ourselves would not be proud to own!