Single Reed Duck Call

Single Reed Duck Call "The Reggie Mayne"

Gooseman Game Calls

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    Our Gooseman Game Calls custom cocobolo single reed duck calls are real beauties and natural born duck killers!  
     They are made with one purpose in mind, to call in far off flying ducks, then bring them within ethical killing range.  The stoppers on these single reed duck calls are made in the USA from optical grade acrylic then are hand filed  to the proper final specifications. All the reeds on these duck calls are hand cut, hand fitted and tuned (again, right here at home in the USA).
     You can expect your hand turned cocobolo Gooseman custom single reed duck call to perform flawlessly from loud screaming hail calls down to soft feed chuckles with an incredible mid-range of duck sounds as well.
   As with all our waterfowl calls you will receive a Gooseman band for your lanyard with your open water duck call.
*Due to the uniqueness and customization of each call, wood grain patterns on each call may vary slightly from the picture. Please rest assured that our customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we would not send out a call that we ourselves would not be proud to own!