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We offer these awesome hand tied custom call lanyards to compliment our lineup of calls! These lanyards are designed and hand braided by our staff to last a lifetime. These duck call, goose call and predator call lanyards are made with American made military heavy paracord and completely hand built by our staff here in upstate NY. Gooseman call lanyards are designed with double loops to keep your valuable calls safe from loss and are available in various camo color combinations. Gooseman lanyards are carefully measured in order that your valuable calls have a lesser chance of 'clicking' together and are always in the same familiar place when you reach for them. They are braided wide to help distribute the weight of your game calls comfortable on the neck. As with all Gooseman products, our lanyards place functionality first followed by simple, yet elegant looks.Your lanyard comes with a Gooseman band attached and all knots are fully guaranteed to remain tied. Your lanyard is a LIFETIME, ONE TIME investment.