Deer Call

Deer Call

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     Our custom cocobolo deer call is as good looking as it is functional. All parts are made and hand assembled in the USA! No imported plastic junk here! PURE QUALITY!

      Our deer call has a 5 point adjustable gut system that allows a range of whitetail sounds from a fawn in distress to a dominate buck in rut.

      A "Gooseman" deer call is simple to operate, uses very little air and is easily mastered!

      When disassembling the call to change sounds, simply pull out the 'tube' and guts in a twisting motion, gently reinstall the guts in the same fashion. Your call has a taper fit that will hold together like the ferrule of a fishing rod using the 'morris' taper concept.

      We at Gooseman are so confidant that your call will stay together this way, that we offer a one time replacement guarantee on parts if lost, simply send a copy of your receipt and we will forward a replacement set of guts!

      Your Gooseman deer call is supplied with its own lanyard....(A caution here, tuck call away before drawing your bow).

      The exhaust tube on this call may be left short or extended for more and deeper volume.

Happy huntin'....."The Gooseman"

*Due to the uniqueness and customization of each call, wood grain patterns on each call may vary slightly from the picture. Please rest assured that our customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we would not send out a call that we ourselves would not be proud to own!X